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Dennis Group 2020 Trainee Program

Enrollment until 01/10/2019 23:55 hs

Applicants must meet the requirements below for Dennis Group 2020 Trainee Program:

  • Bachelor's degree completed between December 2017 and December 2019
  • All Architecture & Engineering education
  • Advanced English

IMPORTANT: These requirements are critical for us to start reviewing your profile in the Program. But keep in mind that meeting these requirements does not guarantee your approval for the next phase!

Enrollment until 01/10/2019 23:55 hs

  • Registration
  • Online Tests
  • Group exercise and Interview(1) with the Consultant
  • Interview(2) with Engineers
  • Assessment center and Executive Interview(3)

Enrollment until 01/10/2019 23:55 hs

As a Dennis Group LED, you’ll learn our business from the inside out as you rotate through our North American offices and work on multi-discipline projects of all sizes, from project definition to large-scale greenfield facilities.

At Dennis Group, you will be part of a growing team that has one mission: creating the finest food and beverage production facilities in the world. 

Professionally, you will work with well-known international brands as well as incredible boutique firms on a wide range of exciting projects. Personally, you will develop relationships that last a lifetime and know that you are part of a larger community that is developing nutritious and sustainable solutions for feeding the world’s growing appetite. 

You’ll learn through doing throughout the program. Trainees actively participate in projects with support from the project team and their department.